About Me

A Modern Day Renaissance Man

Creativity. Talent. Resourcefulness. Enthusiasm. Fun. *BAM!* Those were the ingredients that created a dope photographer!

Hey, I'm Rason but everyone calls me Sonnie; feel free to do the same. Aside from enjoying good music, creating memories of a lifetime and infecting others with positive energy; I capture greatness and immortalize moments.

I have been doing photography for 4 years, based in Long Island, New York. What started out as a peaceful pastime, soon morphed into an exciting way to explore my world. Though I studied photography in college at SUNY Farmingdale, the real lessons of the craft came from going out, capturing the world around me. I am passionate about what I do. I have a unique style, an eclectic perspective, an exuberant taste and a knack for capturing great moments. Although I enjoy capturing all types of photography genres, I specialize in portraiture, fashion and event photography. My work thus far has been published in several magazines. My work can be described as bold, vibrant, thoughtful and pragmatic.

I live by the 4 E's of life; Energy, Engagement, Enthusiasm and Excitement. Expect each encounter with me to be immersed in those qualities. I guarantee that your photographic adventure will be delightful. Through my work, I seek to inspire, engage, and empower my audience & clients while rendering the best photographic experience possible.

No challenge is too difficult. No perspective is too odd and no ideas are too creative. Let's get together for coffee or a smoothie and discuss how we can create awesome images together.

Your Image, My Focus - Sonnie's Way




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"Working with Sonnie is always a good time. When we shoot, I always say "let's make magic." He embraces little moments as much as the big ones. He embraces imperfection as much as perfection. He's helped me face insecurities and made me look at them as novelties. Sonnie's Way isn't just about how he sees you - it's about giving you the boost & head-start you need on the journey of growth."

1 / 5